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I have sort of been looking at the McIntosh Ma-6100 for my Heresys but am wondering if its actually worth the investment?


So far I have had had powering my Heresys'


Mac 4100, yes it was McIntosh but was not really overly impressed

Sansui 9090 and 9090DB both sounded very sweet

Luxman M-120 C-120 sounded sweet but again liked the 9090's better.

Luxman R-115 sounds great it would be a tie or better then the 9090's

Yamaha 1020 again did not really get the natural sound

Yamaha r-2000 a freaking animal and did not like that sound at all


All the above with the exception of the R-115 and rge R-2000 had been professionally serviced if that would make a difference.


I have always wanted a McIntosh but at times I think is it really worth the investment?


My other speakers are the KG3 and I have had the 9090 hooked up to those and also loved that sound.....



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