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  1. Hi, I have sort of been looking at the McIntosh Ma-6100 for my Heresys but am wondering if its actually worth the investment? So far I have had had powering my Heresys' Mac 4100, yes it was McIntosh but was not really overly impressed Sansui 9090 and 9090DB both sounded very sweet Luxman M-120 C-120 sounded sweet but again liked the 9090's better. Luxman R-115 sounds great it would be a tie or better then the 9090's Yamaha 1020 again did not really get the natural sound Yamaha r-2000 a freaking animal and did not like that sound at all All the above with the exception of the R-115 and rge R-2000 had been professionally serviced if that would make a difference. I have always wanted a McIntosh but at times I think is it really worth the investment? My other speakers are the KG3 and I have had the 9090 hooked up to those and also loved that sound..... TIA
  2. Have a R-115 hooked up to my Heresy's and they sound fantastic. Im sure that the R-117 would sound the same but I really do not think that all the extra power from the 117 would be needed for any Klipsch speakers. I bought my R-115 in 2017 with the remote, extender receiver and extra cables off CL for $125
  3. Hi, I see a nice rebuild Pioneer M-90 in my area and was almost thinking about looking at it, I was wondering if any one had a M-90 amp / C90 preamp running the Herseys and how they would sound? TIA, JjR
  4. Hi, I just bought a 2040 that has some lamps out and I was wondering if the OEM ones were still available and if so where could I get them? If there not what bulbs should be used and where can I get them? Two dial lamps are out and the three bi-pin lamps for the meters are out. TIA, John
  5. Gave up CD's a long time ago (went from vinyl to back up to CD then just MP3 or FLAC). Just about 10 minutes ago I turned up the D2 ( EQ set at flat) to 50, 2505 set at mid range on the volume for the first time. Yikes! Also have tried the D2 's FM tuner and sounds great. Or let me revise my question, is it worth spending the money for a pre-amp to play the D2 through? Would I get any better sound? Thanks , John
  6. I'm just wondering if its worth even to spend the money for a pre-amp or tuner w/ preamp? The D2 has a FM tuner in it and I live in Chicago so all stations are basically loud and clear. Should I spend the money for a preamp and why? FWIW The records are all stored away safe and sound. TIA, John
  7. Thanks all for the info, the reason I brought up the subject as I saw a set of new III's on Ebay for $1100 if I remember correctly w/ free shipping. My old originals would make some killer garage speakers. The cabinets are still in pretty good shape but I would never consider doing a cosmetic restoration on those. John
  8. I was told years ago that the original Heresy speakers were the better of them all. But I have forgotten why? Also is this still true? TIA, John
  9. Thanks all for the info, I'm a old dude so loud is not my forte, unless I have a few pops in me ;-) The heresy speakers are in my bedroom and I just listed to quiet classical music. The Kg3 goes in the garage and those maye be abused a mite. JJohn
  10. Hi, I have a pair of Kg3 speakers for the garage and just purchased a 9090 (has not been delivered yet) will I have any problem using that receiver with the Sansui as I know that the Kg3 speakers are not watt rates as much as the 9090 can put out. Same question goes for the Heresy speakers as I have those in the home and am in process of getting another 9090 to go with them. FWIW after having a Sansui 7070 I really liked the sound through the Heresy as well as the Kg3 speakers so I figured that I would upgrade a bit. I looked for a nice 8080 but came across a couple 9090s that looked to be well take care of. One is a 9090 and the other is a 9090db. TIA, John
  11. Hello, I have a Mcintosh Mac 4100 that works perfectly but it does have a very slight hum when it's on. The unit is about 2' from my bed. I really never noticed it before but that could be because when I purchased the unit the weather was still warm out and my windows were usually open so normal outside noise may have masked it? Now that its winter and everything is closed up I really notice the hum. Its not like its a real loud noise but once my ears tuned to the freq I hear it more. So if you are a 4100 owner could I ask you if you have your unit turned on with the volume off if you hear a hum with your ear to the cabinet or say a few feet away? TIA, JjR
  12. My Mcintosh is about 2' from my bed ,that way all I have to do is roll over to operate it. I will often listen to it overnight. I do notice a extremely soft hum. I know that it is most likly normal but wanted to hear fron some others about it. The unit perform's flawlessly and as I mentioned it is extremely soft. You can only hear it in the middle of the night with the sound low. I usually listen to it with the volume at the 1'st notch of the volume knob. Thanks for any input!
  13. No I do not need another MP3 player. I'm extremely pleased with the Zen which also happed to be actually rated as better sounding than the Pod.
  14. No I do not need another MP3 player. I'm extremely pleased with the Zen which also happed to be actually rated as better sounding than the Pod.
  15. I do not want to play anything from my PC as it is downstairs. If I wanted to change somthing that would mean I would have to go dowwnstairs to do it. I have the charger hooked up to the Zen , the problem is that you can not leave the charger on all the time when the unit is not playing. Plus the extra wires. So I the reason that I asked in the first place is if there was a AC HD unit that would do basically the same thing. That I could leave hooked up to my receiver and free up the Zen. Plus it would look nicer than just having the charger wires and Zen laying there all the time.
  16. Wirless would do my no good as I still have to use my Zen player. That is what I'm trying to get away from. Also another thing about these wireless units many of them do not cover the full frequencies that the unit puts out. You may be missing some bass or highs. I found this out when I way thing about a wireless transmitter to me used on my motorcycle. So its worth it to really check out the different brands. I know nothing about the spec's of the Apple as I do not use there equiptment. My Zen sits next to the receiver so a wireless would do little good anyway. Thanks
  17. Wow I just saw this! It looks just what i'm looking for. It looks like the unit can be downloaded through a firewire from your USB port. 120gb that is sure a lot of music! The only negative I can see at this point is the price. I suspect that the sound should be as good as my Creative Nomad Zen Extra! http://mp3mall.net/mp3/MP3_Player/Home_MP3_Player/Digital_MP3_Jukebox/Dension_DMP3_A2_120_120GB/
  18. Joke a PC right I guess that is how I'm writing this through a PC! I have a PC and can play music through that but I would rather play the music through my Mac 4100 into the Heresy's 1 speakers. The Nomad Zen Extra suprisingly sounds very nice. I just hate the hassle of plugging in the charge it all the time. The MP3 Home unit mentioned below is not really what I was looking for as you have to load it from a CD instead of my computer which is time consuming. I guess technology has not ventured into what I'm looking for yet.
  19. I have had some real good luck saving some of my albums and cassettes into mp3 format and storing them on my Creative Zen Extra Player. The sound is ok for me and I'm not using my albums everytime I want to listed to somthing. Now I'm wondering if there is a actuall home unit that works on AC with a hard drive that I can store my music in and just leave hooked up to my stereo? Is there such a animal? TIA
  20. Looks more like a scammers link to try and gain access to your EBay account and change your Email! I would be very carefull! I did try the linl and now I wish I did not!
  21. My Mac 4100 uses white frosted festoon lamps. I have been thinking about changing the color of the bulbs. Is there a source for these bulbs? Does anyone know what voltage / size the Mac 4100 uses?
  22. YES that receiver was a real sleeper. It still amazes me the sound that it produces. I looked at one some time ago and posted some questions about on another site. Never got any replies! Then I ran across this one and did some more searching on it and I believe I ran across your review on it in another site. Now I'm very happy that I took the chance plus the unit I bought was perfect except on of the dial lamps was dead. So I have to by a new one from Mcintosh. On another note I ordered a set of dial lamps for a Fisher 400 about a month and a half ago from the Fisher Doctor and still have not got them. I have called many times, emailed. On one occassion I was told if the bulbs were not there the next day to send them and note and thet would be resent. These people suck, I do not care what kind of problems they have. The sure enough cashed out my Pay PAl payment minutes after I sent it and now just BS after BS. What got me going on this was the Festoon lamps for the Mac4100 are part# 05803200. They are $5.00 each.With a $10.00 minimum order. Those Mcintosh lamps look damn close to the Fisher ones and are Painted white on one side.
  23. OH shi% there are no more finger prints anywhere as I just finished detailing it. I have yet to remove the wood cover from the metal one. Perhaps there is a suprise in there.
  24. ** Try this as a pain-free FM volume fix - (I didn't think of it until just now) The 4100 has a 5 band tone control - rotate all 5 downwards. Try 1/3, 1/2, and full counterclockwise to see if it has the desired effect. Turning all 5 of them down on my receiver effectively cuts the volume at least in half. ** WOW that did it! Not only did it bring the sound level down to where it should be. But not I can now fine tune it to the soft volume I listen at. Boy I called Mcintosh support and they did not even have a fix. Thanks! BTW about putting a different volume pot in te unit may be a very bad idea as the original one looks to be part of a circuit board and is designed to be used with it. Once again this by far has been the nicest receiver I have yet to hear with the Herseys!
  25. Windex is great for cleaning the alumnium face and knobs. The dial glass I just put a few drips of water on my finger and wiped it down then dried it with a soft cloth. That worked great and is now nice and clean.
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