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Located in Lakewood, Southern CA 90713


True 7/10 condition due to ding on top right corner of one speaker.  


I will include receipt from an Authorized dealer for warranty purposes.  I have the original boxes, manual and all accessories that came with the speakers. 

With this masterpiece, we guarantee you won't need an extra sub to deliver the most demanding music tracks to the full.

While assured of incredible scale and breath-taking dynamics from Monitor Audio's bespoke bass drivers, you are guaranteed clean mid-range, without a hint of distortion, and a delicate, detailed treble thanks to perfect drive unit matching. All bass and mid-range drivers feature the Silver Series' signature RST Cone profile.

High overall sensitivity and easy loading make the new Silver 500 easy to drive and capable of delivering amazing results in your audio system. In fact, a modestly powered high-quality amplifier is all you need to fill a large room with volume levels that approach live music. And, with just 12 inches (30 cm) needed between the speaker and wall, to allow the system to breathe and perform optimally, the Silver 500 is perfect where space is tight.

System Format

Frequency Response (-6 dB)
30 Hz - 35 kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)
90 dB

Nominal Impedance
8 ohms

Minimum Impedance
3.1 ohms @ 2.45 kHz

Maximum SPL
117 dBA (pair)

Power Handling (RMS)
250 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements
80 - 250 W

Bass Alignment
Bass reflex. HiVe II port system

Crossover Frequency
LF/MF: 625 Hz
MF/HF: 3.1 kHz

Drive Unit Complement
2 x 8" C-CAM RST bass driver
1 x 4" C-CAM RST mid-range driver
1 x 1" (25 mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter

Cabinet Dimensions (Excluding Grille and Terminals)
1050 x 230 x 300 mm
(415/16 x 91/16 x 1113/16")

External Dimensions (Including Grille and Terminals)
1050 x 230 x 329 mm
(415/16 x 91/16 x 1215/16")

External Dimensions (Including Out-Rigger Plates, Feet and Spikes)
1083 x 297 x 367 mm
(425/8 x 1111/16 x 147/16")

Weight (each)
22.8 kg









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Ding on top right corner due to the wife moving the speakers by herself.   Bad idea.... 😐


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Wow!  I was heavily eyeing these as a possible purchase next year when I had some funds, but here you are selling them half price!


I'm wary of dual 8's not putting out the kind of bass I would want.  As an owner can you give ma an honest brief review of how they stand?  Harsh or smooth highs?  Accuracy of the mids?  Can the lows move your soul without a sub?


I'm rethinking my whole setup and in the process of selling all my speakers (even the KLF10's) and starting over.  These were on my short list, but the $$ wasn't there to buy new.


And since you do have the boxes, would you be willing to ship to the east coast (on my dime, of course)?  Even with shipping costs, it would be well south of the $2500 for a pair of them new.


I know I'm asking a lot, but if you have the time I'd appreciate it!

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Sent you a text back.  Trust me for this price, I am GIVING them away 

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Pulled due to lack of interest.  In communication with forum member here. 

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