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Vintage vs Modern Processor Sound


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Hello, I am thinking of doing an upgrade/update to my processor, from a Sunfire TGP-III to possibly a Yamaha CX-A5100 for a 5.2 system? Judging STRICTLY by sound quality, not bells and whistles or any other criteria, purely talking about sound, would it be and upgrade or a downgrade?? Any thoughts??


Thank you!!!


Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 Channel 200 watts/channel

Klipsch RF-63 Mains

Klipsch RC-62 II Center

Klipsch RS-52 II Surrounds

Dual Subwoofers: RSW-10D's (2)



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Tough call.  The Sunfire TGP-III is highly regarded for it's music prowess as well as HT performance but also have heard really good things about the Yamaha 5100.


I have a similar quandary with my NAD T175HD processor.  Though more modern(HDMI, High resolution codecs) than your Sunfire, it is a bit long in the tooth by not having 4K or Atmos capabilities.  As far as music and HT sound quality, I absolutely love the way it performs.  Wide open soundstage, detailed, plenty of thump, and dialog is very clear and precise.  The Yamaha 5100, Anthem AVM-60, NAD T187(w/4K module) are a few modern pre/pros that are on my short list.



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1 minute ago, Carlosrs said:

Bill, I hear you, we are in the same boat brother!! What to do???

Well, "supposedly" NAD will introduce a 4K module for my T175HD sometime in 2018.  If that happens, I will keep the NAD and upgrade the video card.  No real need for Atmos in my family room.



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