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  1. Great, thank you for your help. It will be used instead of the RCA input jacks for the LFE line from the pre/pro. The input jacks got damaged and I only have the output jacks usable. Thank you for your help!!!
  2. Hi, are the line In rca connections just wired in parallel to the line out rca in the RSW15? Can I use any of them as a line in if needed?? By looking at the board it sure seems like it. Attached are a few pictures.
  3. Hello, I have an RSW-15 and two RSW-10D connected in my system for the past year or so, worked perfectly. I disconnected the RSW-15, and when a hooked it up a few hours later there was a strong hum coming from all 3 subs. I changed and switched cables around, changed outlets, moved things around and identified the problem comes from the RCA input of the RSW-15. As soon as I plug in an RCA cable to the RCA input I get the hum from any sub connected to the system, even if only the RSW-15 is hooked up.This happens on that sub even with the pre/pro turned off. The hum goes away if I apply a little pressure to the RCA plug. Definitely the RCA connection in the sub is causing this hum. If I touch different thing, like amp connections, sub plate or switches, turn on or off the pre/pro, etc... the hum oscillates. That 3rd subs connection is triggering the problem, but I don't believe it IS the root of the problem. Everything is connected as it was before the problem appeared. What could this be or how could I solve it?? Would this isolation transformer help??? https://www.amazon.com/Transformer-Eliminator-Blue-Jeans-Cable/dp/B00GG1PK5W Thank you!!
  4. I have not heard port chuffing, but I don't play them very loud though. Will experiment with all three ports plugged and see how they sound. Maybe I can plug all three and fill in the lower bass region with dual RSW-10Ds??🤔
  5. Hey willand. Yes, remove amp, cables and the two triangle controls/inputs on the outside of the box. The screen is not necessary, they have screens there to test.
  6. I like sealed subs so much I have 5. An RSW-15 and 2 RSW-10D stacked in my HT. Just bought two more and are out to service in Edwards Electronics and should receive them in a few weeks. I still don't know where to use them, but I got them and they are difficult to come by, jajajaja!!! Both of my 2 channel systems sound great how they are, maybe I will experiment with a 2.2 system and see how it goes. Thank you polizzio!!🙏
  7. Yes it did, they feel with more aplomb. That 15' passive radiator is magical, and it sounds alive even at low volumes which is just great!!! Some speakers you have to put the volume higher for them to shine, these Fortes are always "ON" at any volume.
  8. It seems that any combination of plugs used ONLY affects below 100 Htz. I am still getting a hotter bass than flat, but just below exciting the room to become boomy, better bass. And actually MORE bass below 32.5 htz🤔
  9. I agreed with you wholeheartedly that the right sound could only be defined by my own ears, too personal. Congrats on this cornwalls iii, they are incredible speakers. I have in my office system, which has extensive acoustic treatment, a pair of Forte II with upgraded Crites caps and crossover cables, sealed all possible air leaks and added 2.5 oz of weight to the passive radiator. These powered by a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver just sound incredible!!! I love sealed subs, I believe they give me better quality bass that the ported brothers. Thank you for for the pros and cons of BR design, there is very useful info in there to better understand the general principles. My confusion is why I gained bass below 32.5 htz??? Seems opposite of what I expected??
  10. I have a pair of RF-83 which are rated down to 29 htz, and have serious bass peaks in my room at 45 and 70. In my attempts to solve this issue I have played with tone controls, plugging ports in various combinations, fidgeted with position and other tweaks. The best solution I have found, that only modifies the bass 1000 htz down, is plugging 2 of the 3 ports in these speakers, the bottom 2 to be exact. When doing this I lower those room peaks but to my surprise, I gained bass from the 32.5 htz and lower. Sounds much better to my ears. I am confident in my measurements, I did them like 20 different times, different days, and they are consistent. Seems like a good solution with no apparent down side. Am I missing something???? attached image with 2 curves, one normal response and one with 2 ports plugged.
  11. Nice setup!! You have a DAC and a turntable going in analog to your 88A, so you your 88a is essentially your preamp and DAC. I have tubes on my Sunfire Tube preamp, and the dsp goes after that, then into a Sunfire 300 Two SS amp. Do you think it will add its own digital color after my tubes or is it very transparent?? I love my sound now but would like to do some room correction if it does not negatively affect my sound.
  12. Hello, I have been curious about the miniDSP with Dirac live, but I am hesitant to incorporate an analog-digital-analog conversion after my tube preamp. Logically it should eliminate the use of the tubes and it's goodness🤔. I know there is a question somewhere in there??? Minidsp after tubes: yes or no??
  13. Agreed!! I don't see myself replacing my RF83 or RF63 for these Forte II, but now that I have them dialed in they are truly magnificent speakers!!
  14. The correct positioning helped with the bass. I also change the speaker wire from 14 AWG to 11AWG, installed the Crites crossover upgraded caps, switched the crossover cable to the woofer from 18 awg to 14 awg. At the end everything helped, now I am really digging these speakers a lot!!!
  15. Position and correct cable AWG made a world of difference!! Thanks for all your help and guidance👍
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