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Sub-woofer not working


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There is absolutely no bass coming out of my sub-woofer. I cranked the bass up to 100% in the creative mixer control pannel, turned the subwoofer knob all the way to 5 oclock, loaded up a bass heavy song, and nothing. The only bass seems to be coming from the sats and it sounds lifeless compared to the sub.

I checked all my connections, and they all seem to be in order. I have also reinstalled my sound card drives (SB Live Value). The sub has worked perfectly since I bought the Pros back in September, but now it seems to be completely dead.

Does anyone know if there's any way I can test to see if the sub truly is dead? And if it is dead, where do I proceed from here?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Amy. I left it unplugged for a couple of hours and it worked when I plugged it back in.

Is this a common issue with the sub or is it a warning sign? I'm worried that it might be an indication that my sub will fail completely in the future.

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