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  1. Well, since you do have a 5 channel card, you would likely benefit from the ProMedia 5.1. The main difference would be the additional power, and the existence of the center channel. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  2. Once again, the Klipsch power rating is expressed in RMS terms.
  3. Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the plug diagram. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  4. The input jacks to four channel cards are all two channel inputs. Some cards have matrix surround modes from which you will get "something" coming out of the rears. It's not particualarly accurate, but is probably better than two channel. The only way to get better than that is by hooking through a digital input, which would be available on some 5 channel cards. As for 4.1 vs. 5.1, I would stay with the 4.1 for a four channel card, and 5.1 if you plan on upgrading to a 5 channel card in the near future. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  5. Well, the BASH does do some original things. I'd tell you about them, but it's a big old secret. Not that I'd take any credit away from the inestimable Mr. Carver. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  6. BASH or non-BASH, Klipsch works to get the best performance value for its customers. I know, I know, it sounds like a commercial, but that's essentially what happens in the development phase. Until BASH came along, there was literally no way to do a 4 channel system with the kind of output it had to have to make smaller speakers rock like a Klipsch system. So, that turned out to be a very nice fit. BASH is more expensive than class AB, but solved the heat related problems that kept multichannel stuff from happening. Turns out BASH is probably the best way to do multichannel, because the output sections (being linear AB) don't need the filters that drive the costs of normal class-D combinations through the roof. So it was a good choice for the 4.1 and 5.1 systems. The choice was not as clear on the 2.1 system. 200 Watts could be accommodated a little easier for heat related issues, as long as a class-D sub section was provided. This was the choice made. I think it's possible to design good and bad amplifiers in any class. At one time, transistor matching was such a crap-shoot that class AB didn't have a chance. Now that the Power MOSFET game is a decade or two along, class AB can work very well; whether using a linear power supply (as in the 2.1,) or a switching power supply (as in the 4.1 and 5.1). For the 4.1 to be used in a 2.1 configuration, I think you would find the benefits to be in the 2+ dB headroom at the high frequency, and more punch at the low frequency end. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  7. Ear, the Y-cable trick usually doesn't work, because the sound card outputs then try to drive the output impedence of the other sound card. In most cases, it's too low to sustain normal soundcard output; drags down the driving card, and could cause thermal failure in one or both sound cards. Needless to say, this is not recommended... I believe the only recourse is to rig up a pair of stereo switches (A/V switches would work, but you need two of them, and that usually requires RCA to miniplug adaptors, i.e., way too messy). At some point, a second set of speakers makes more sense. A poor-man's solution would be to run the output of one sound card to the aux in on the other card (or on the speakers if using the ProMedia 4.1). This, of course, only works for the front speakers. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  8. You are right, Ear. The smoking of that resistor is indication of problems with the output devices as well. It's not an easy fix. I think the solution in this case was replacement of the amplifier. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  9. quote: Originally posted by charfles: hey, my sub sounds like 3 times better and more powerfull when i am only using the two speakers. if i turn it to four speakers with win2k's audio properties then the subs power goes way down. i think it might be a software issue. i am using a sound blaster pci128 with windows 2000. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks It sounds like there may be a phase problem in the W2K drivers for your sound card. This is a known problem with some four channel sound cards. Check with your card maker for a driver update. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  10. Max, see if the problem goes away at higher volume levels. If it does you have a slight volume control mismatch at low levels. To get around it, move the software volume lower, and keep the speaker volume higher. That should clear it up. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  11. FYI, It is not recommended to use ProMedia sats with any other amplifier, because the amplifiers in the ProMedia systems have filters that prevent the speakers from getting damaging input levels, notably at low frequencies. The satellite designs take advantage of this extra protection by stretching the low frequency cutoff. If used with a different amplifier, especially at anything higher than moderate levels, it will likely overload the midbass unit, and could lead to an early failure. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  12. You'll need an RCA to stereo minijack adaptor, plus a minijack splitter (AKA headphone splitter). Both can be had with a trip to Radio Shack. Should work fine. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  13. There's a power switch on the Australian version...not on the North American one. Element, if you are still having the problem give Klipsch customer service a call. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  14. It would have to get hotter than about 130 to have any immediate effect. The further away from the stove the better, obviously. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  15. quote: Originally posted by sane1: guys i'm having the same problem and i'm in college too and did not have this problem back home. I started a post to find out if i need to change my system settings. I'm also having problems with my sub. Do u guys find ur sub not acting that powerfull as once was and ur speakers ( i think the ones in the back) being too powerfull like thumping much more then the sub. its freakin weird and annoying. But i must say that when the volume isn't cranked up the 4.1s sound awesome. its just when i go beyond half way with the volume on the control pod speaker. sane1, it occurs to me that you may have a bass boost in the software, which can have the effect of exaggerating the midbass frequencies at the expense of the lows. Then, when you turn it up, you are getting a lot of midrange cone motion, and possibly reaching the limit of their excursion (causing driver distortion). The solution is to crank down the bass setting in the software to midpoint, and crank up the sub level control a like amount. Guaranteed that that will sound better. The "dorm room" effect could also be impacting you. See if you can get the sub closer to one of the room corners, or change your listening position a little. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  16. quote: Originally posted by killed radio star: ok, i actually did quite a bit of testing with this a few weeks ago. the only time i get any crackling is with 4.1 mp3s and 4.1 cd playing . unfortunately that's not very conclusive - that implies the soundcard or software in both cases, no? because when i switch to 2.1, or hook up a portable cd player, it plays quite clearly (note: i haven't been able to test 4.1 with the portable cd player, i dont have the proper jack). can i conclude that the speakers aren't the issue? it's strange, i never recall any crackling when i was still at home (i'm at college now). the power sources here probably aren't the best - i don't suppose that could have anything to do with it? regardless, thanks for the reply, i hope we can get this resolved soon. PIII 733 384 megs ram sound blaster live! value i think that's about all that's pertinent.] If it works in 2.1 mode and distorts in 4.1 you probably can rule out the speakers as a cause. You can confirm by testing the 4.1's purple plug (rear channels) in a portable CD player. This will rule out the possibility of a short in the rear speaker plug. Maybe you can temporarily swap sound cards with someone else to see if your card might be the problem? Everything about it suggests a problem with the drivers, though. That's really odd. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  17. Yeah, Klipsch TS sees it a lot, but it seems like everybody's solution is a bit different. 9 times out of 10 it's a software or driver problem. The recommendations I usually make are to first check to make sure you have the most upgraded sound card driver; then check the version of the software for any updates. Sometimes the software has to be reloaded to pick up the new driver. MP3 player software in particular is notorious for snapping and popping sounds. This is particularly true with slow processors, low bit rate files, old sound cards, etc. After that, I tend to go to the other end, and work my way back. First, if the speakers work fine when used with any other source (like a walkman, portable CD or MP3 player), then the problem is narrowed down to the the sound card, or the aforementioned software/hardware compatibility issues. As always, if you get stuck, give Klipsch a call. If it is the speaker, then Klipsch is ready to help. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  18. If you have an early four channel soundcard, chances are your drivers need updating. Some first year sound cards had a phase problem with the rear channels. Check with the card maker to see if you have the latest drivers installed. ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  19. The tape trick works for soft domes, but not for hard paper domes. BTW, I HAVE actually used a vacuum cleaner to do this on some speakers i had at home. Talk about power tools! ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  20. Delimiter; you may have some wacky font settings which whites out the text (just a guess). Anyway, there is no difference in products wrapped in brown vs. 4-color box. As Justin points out, the prettier box works better on the sales floor at BBuy. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  21. Here's how I do it. Take a small straight pin, and bend the tip of it (about 1/4") back at a right angle (i.e., 90 degrees). With the bent pin, pierce the center of the dent in the bubble (i.e., the dust cap). You should be able to pull out the dent with that; by working it back gently, and through rotating the pin. After removing the pin, there will now be a very small hole in the dustcap, which you can seal back up with a spot of glue or nail polish. It will not look 100% right, but will work well and sound fine. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
  22. Yes it would. It may make the precision of the positional image less precise, though, as the speakers will tend to compete with each other as to which one is putting out the apparent source image. On the other hand, the system would certainly impress folks with its power. -djf ------------------ Klipsch ProMedia Customer Service # is 1-888-554-5665
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