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Luxman r-117 Use Amp Only?


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Looking for advice. Im a newby and have now acquired a Luxman R-117 "Monster" receiver and a new Cambridge CXA60 Integrated amp. The Luxman is being rebuilt or I would just give this a try. I love the warm unique sound of the Luxman, but also really like the modern day backside and connections of the CXA60.


My question is it possible to combine these two and have one lovely warm sounding setup with a great preamp that is modern day??? Would the CXA preamp neutralize the sweet sound of the old Luxman amp?


Does this make sense?



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This is possible but as your concern, you may alter that warmish but detailed characteristic of the Luxman.  The CA's preamp section IMO is pretty neutral so who knows what you might get.  Try it out, if you like, proceed.




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