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Classic Reference vs. Elusive 1099

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Starting this for my brother. My brother has been running RF-7s and RC-7 as his LCR for decades and is getting the bug to update. Over Thanksgiving he mentioned looking at the DIY route of the Elusive 1099s. Application is 99% home theater. I asked him what he was unhappy about and he couldn't really answer. I think he's looking at the 1099s for one or more of these reasons.


  1. Just wanting to update
  2. If making 3 center 1099 layouts, he could stack the LR ontop of the martys 
  3. Worried the 90x60 7 horns aren't giving him enough spread.


His theater is untreated, although is dry-walled and carpeted, and I'd estimate 15x20. He's got two full martys for bass, so I don't see him losing anything on that side from the 7s.


Just curious what the general consensus would be here and if anyone happened to have experience with both models. 


Thanks in advance, Justin

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Had a friend make the exact same move. He couldn’t be happier he said. 

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