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Sub woofer placement assistance


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You might experience cabinet vibrations.  Also, the subwoofer is rear ported and the port needs room to breathe.  If you put it inside a cabinet you're severely reducing the amount of bass it can put out and the effectiveness of the port.  And, subwoofers are different than other speakers in that their performance can be wildly different depending on where they are placed in a room.


I would highly suggest putting it somewhere else in the room where it will definitely perform better.

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4 minutes ago, rma2740 said:

Thank you and after some additional research I've decided that putting it a cabinet is not a good idea. 


Good choice.  Speakers have been placed out in the open in rooms for decades.  They don't have to be hidden away.  They become part of the décor and design of the room.

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On 1/15/2019 at 7:09 AM, rma2740 said:

I have a Sony OLED A8F series TV and plan on using a R-120SW woofer but want to package it on a Standout Designs media cabinet and put the woofer the center speaker shelf, cabinet file attached. Is there a problem with doing this, any assistance will be appreciated.

AV Cabinet - Standout Designs.pdf

Sorry for up, but got same issue now. What did you decide to do finally? How did you place it? 

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