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Are Forte's still made......

Kyle G

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If Klipsch still makes the Heresy, then they could and should still make the Forte, but they folded to the pressure, and rationalized them out of production back in 1996. Just a little more producible, a little cheaper, and a little less quality ... shame, shame. Boy can I wait for the new-stuff.

Never the less, I guess if the Forte II's were proportionately enlarged, that speaker would have an 18 inch drone. Is that what you meant? Hmmm ... wait ... please don't get me started down that road ... I have a cabinet design with a CNC Machined smoothly folded 20 foot horn ... but I digress. Anyway, you might be thinking of the Chorus II, which is the largest speaker in the Quartet-Forte-Chorus line. Its almost a proportional enlargement of the Forte II, with a 15 inch Woofer, but as Doug pointed out, the Drone on the Chorus II is still only a 15 inch. They're REALLY intimidating to women, hehe ... that is with a few notable exceptions ... one of which is wild-woman who goes by Bev, and I believe she has four of 'em!

Thanks to that Wifey-Factor, Forte I's & II's are on ebay at almost any given time ($400-$800). Chorus I's & II's show up once or twice a month ($600-$1,100). Quartet's are harder to find (probably because theyre smaller), yet some of the used-gear Internet dealers have 'em ($400?).

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