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Mounting RP-500M


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Hi, the Klipsch RP-500M bookshelf speakers come with a Keyhole for wall mounting.

is it safe to mount the speaker on it, do I need to use a special mount or brackets for it? am afraid that a single screw is not really a safe installation, speicifically with speakers that have the rear port.

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Yep, klipsch's rp-line bookshelves are quite big and heavy. Wall-mounting them by the keyhole on the back of the speaker is in my opinion ill advised. Not just because that mounting-method isn't always safe, but also because the air from the port will hit a solid wall. Not good!

Only way I would feel somewhat safe with that method would be if the wall in question was concrete and you used those special screws for concrete that can tighten as you like.  You might be able to get away with mounting it on a wall with brackets behind, but I wouldn't know. 


Bottom line for me is that you just shouldn't wall-mount any speaker that wasn't meant for wall-mounting. The speaker just won't have that isolation, which will be painfully apparent when they play. I understand that space can in some cases be a problem, but you would be better off with a in-wall speaker.

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yes there's a port, but if you used these as up firing atmos the port would be on the speaker below, so mounting by the wall would be no different. 

there's small rubber feet on the back that gives it a little space.


I used some cheap monoprice mounts and also slightly angled them down from about 10-12ft up.

Because the mount hole is higher up, i turned the mount upside down figuring gravity would make the speaker want to spin.

(i can explain separately if needed).


The mounts have the speaker stick out like 5 inches from the wall so angled down the bottom of the speaker (since it's a longer speaker) rests along the wall.

i don't think these will fall, however, they are large and unwieldy....but have been working great so far!


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The op was actually talking about the 500m, not the 500sa.  I am just looking into this too.  So far, I believe the strength will be fine with a proper sized screw into a stud.  I just put up a tv wall mount, 4 screws into studs, and it can hold up to a 150lb tv.  As far as the sound, I think the speaker will breathe enough if the feet are mounted on the back.  Especially if you are crossing them over at 80hz like I plan to.  

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