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upgrade time

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so I just upgraded my receiver im getting the Onkyo TX-RZ830 waiting on it to arrive from ups.

currently I have polk audio speakers I tossed everything together in a hurry before an I made a mistake.. 

im not knocking polk I just want something a bit different  


so im going to upgrade to Klipsch speakers and sub I want to stay in the same category model style I guess?  

I want all the speakers an sub to be on the same level I guess how I need to say it?  

for the subwoofer im looking at the R-110SW


after a few youtube videos ive decided on bookself speakers il mount to the wall will be the RP-160M may go with 6 I have 6 polk bookshelfs now

center speaker will be the RP-250C


im an atmos nut so im wanting 4 ceiling speakers CDT-5800-C II


looks like the main site for Klipsch doesn't offer the 160m etc  I can still get them on amazon.. should I go with the upgraded model RP-600M?


should have gone with klipsh to start with lol im an action movie nut war movies  explosions  gun shots etc 


ill be upgrading couple of things at a time not all at once Im able to afford this stuff so why not lol...   

im open to suggestions 


then I also see this on the website R-51M 7.1 Home Theater System  all id have to do then is get my the ceiling speakers I want   hmm 

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Great sounding receiver you got there! Hopefully the HDMI ports in your Onkyo works... Never know with Onkyo sadly.


Im guessing your previous Polk system was all bookshelves, a center and a sub. And you want something similar with Klipsch. Klipsch has a wide assortment of bookshelf speakers. Wether to go for the 160m or the 600m is all up to your preferences. The only differences between the two is the new tweeter and some appearance changes. Wall-mounting a bookshelf speaker is not recommended, especially with the 160m/600m. These are on the heavier side of bookshelf speakers, and can be hard to mount correctly depending on the type of wall you have and the mounting-method you go for. In addition, the air coming out of the speakers rear port will hit solid wall, which is not a good thing for your listening experience. Best thing for bookshelf speakers are speaker stands that can be filled and has spikes.


Not to throw you off, but personally I prefer floorstanders, rather than bookshelves. If you have the space, try to see if a floorstander might be better for you. 


I see you're looking at the R-110SW. If you have a smaller room(1000 cubic ft or under), I guess that sub would do the trick, but personally I never go below 12" though. If you do go for the 10", might I suggest you look into having two subs in your system down the road. 


I'd never recommend anyone getting any of the reference series speakers. For me its RP, RF or heritage. 

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