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I have taken apart my home theater and have the following for sale if anyone is interested. You can message me for any questions or photos. (Xposted)

  • Klipsch KS-525-THX Surround Speakers  $950 (each pair = 2..speakers )-2 pairs- available
  • Klipsch KL-650-THX(L) (0 available) $650- (each)-----------------------------------------------------  (SOLD)
  • Klipsch KA-1000-THX Amplifier and (2) KW 120 THX Subwoofers $3,000  for all ...3 ****1.amp/ 2.subs
  • Move Poster Display w/ posters $250
  • Middle Atlantic LT-1RA Retractable Rackmount Light Shelf $150 (SOLD)
  • ELAN VIA2SS1 system station controller $50
  • Sony BDP-S470 3D Blu-ray Disc DVD Player $60
  • LG Super Blu BH100 Blu-ray/HD-DVD Combo Player $125
  • Elan Via 2 Wireless 8.4'' Color LCD Touch Panel $250
  • Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 Series $275
  • Denon AVR-5805 9.1 Channel 1700 Watt Receiver $1,150 (0) -------------------------------------------------(SOLD)
  • Yamaha DPX1300 $500
  • Niles APC-2 Current Sensing Outlet Switcher APC2 (NEW)!!! $225


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I want, stress want the full THX system but my better half has strictly prohibited any such discussion of more home theater equipment. But if I were to get rid of my current stuff maybe the topic would be open for discussion again. To answer your question I’m hoping for the three fronts, the surrounds and the amp and subs.

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