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Exact size of RP-500SA?


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Could anyone using the RP-500SA speakers please provide their exact size/dimensions?


I am thinking about adding them as rear upfiring Atmos speakers (for various reasons, I cannot add height or ceiling speakers). They would sit on top of my existing rear RP-4000F speakers. Now according to the spec sheets and web site information for both speaker types, the RP-500SA seem to fit onto the RP-4000F:


RP-500SA: width 6.81"/17.3cm, depth 11.16"/28.4cm

RP-4000F: width 7.42"/18.85cm, depth 12.03"/30.56cm


BUT...: I measured my RP-4000F speakers. They are definitely and noticeably smaller regarding width and depth compared to their values provided on the spec sheet or the web site. They are more like 6"/15cm width and 10"/25cm depth, which would mean the RP-500SA don't really fit onto the RP4000F without looking goofy IF the specs provided for the RP-500SA are correct.


-> Thence my question regarding their exact size. Thanks for having borne with me until now 🙂

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