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Bar 40 technical problems. Help please


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I bought the Bar 40  soundbar recently and connected it to the TV via optical cable and have not been able to get any sound. I've tried all options including turning off the internal speakers on the TV and plugging into other components with optical ports and still nothing. I've tried the cable on my other sound system and its fine. So I updated the firmware as per the Klipsch Youtube video that is linked on the Klipsch offical site.

Summary of video:

  1. Download firmware from site.
  2. Extract `system` folder onto blank USB.
  3. Unplug power to Bar 40.
  4. Plug in USB. Plug in power.
  5. Cycle Source until Source LED is blank.
  6. Wait until all LED turns off and starts to blink.
  7. Unplug power to Bar and remove USB.
  8. Plug power back.


Multiple problems arise:


1. Klipsch remote control stopped working.

  • I've tried new batteries but the Bar 40 does not respond to the remote control.


2. Bluetooth audio stopped working

  • Bluetooth used to play media from the phones I connected to but the speaker does not play sound anymore. The source blue LED will be solid (meaning connected) but no sound comes through even when the volume is maxed on both device and speaker.


3. Optical still does not work.

  • Still not audio coming from TV after firmware update. Tried turning off the speakers through TV settings, switched the digital audio format to both PCM and Digital, neither worked.


Additional information:

When I switch the source to optical, red LED will be solid for a second or 2 and then blink. This happens to the rest of the sources as well. (makes sense with bluetooth but not for optical)

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Update on Optical source
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19 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

It sounds like you're having similar problems to many other BAR owners.  Unfortunately no one from Klipsch technical support monitors posts here so emailing or calling Klipsch directly is the best way to proceed. 

Awww damnit. Thank you for letting me know so I don't keep waiting.

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Update: Product support advised to exchange it for a new one as the optical port most likely was not working and the firmware from the Canadian site has been causing problems for a lot of people. Advised to go to www.klipsch.ca/firmware since it will make you go through the process of getting the correct firmware for the correct serial.

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FWIW, I have the BAR 48. This is what I went through to get TV sound to work. I connected to my LG TV using the optical cable. At first I didn't get sound, but then I made sure to push the optical connector into the port of the TV very firmly - and I confirmed it is connected by seeing the other end of the optical cable is a bright red light. I then connected the optical cable to the BAR 48. Later, when I was adjusting the sound settings on the LG TV, I found that I *must* set it to "internal speakers plus optical output" to get sound (setting the LG TV sound to "Optical output" did not work, for whatever stupid reason, so I switched it back to "internal speakers plus optical output" and simply turn the TV sound down to zero, then adjust the sound volume on the BAR 48). As for firmware, my BAR 48 out-of-box had the most current firmware already. Finally, rather than using optical cable, I happily switched to using an HDMI cable from the LG TV to the BAR 48, which is quite easy to setup and use.

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  • 6 months later...

I just bought a Sound bar 40 from Costco.

I hooked up the bar and subwoofer power and paired them up on my table for easy to access to cables and tryout.  Everything worked as expected out of the box via Bluetooth audio from my iPhone. I then relocate the pair to my TV and now it doesn’t power on at all via remote nor power button on the sound bar.

I unplugged and plugged back in couple times to no luck.

what is the issue here?


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  • 6 months later...

I bought a Klipsch Bar 40 and got it up and running however when I turn of the tv when I restart the tv the sound bar won't make any sound.  It is a 55 LG oled and connected via hdmi arc.  It took a while to get it running right and for whatever reason the tv remote controls the speaker right off the hop. I followed the instructions on a website for hookup and it seemed great until I need to restart the tv. I am going to get an optical cable and try that option to see if it will cure the issue.


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