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Klipsch C-310ASWi


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Hey guys.

So i have been looking at the Klipsch C-310ASWi.

I don't remember reading anything about it here though.

Doesn't anyone have a couple of these?

I am quite interested in hearing your thoughts about them.

I have a hard time deciding between these and SVS.

I just really want to stick with Klipsch you know.


Any input will be appreciated.

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Don't own a klipsch sub, own a svs sb-3000. This I will tell you, klipsch warranty is 2 year on the sub electronics, svs is 5 year on everything. Can't tell you how many peeps pop in here complaining about their klipsch sub stopped working. 10 out of 10 it is the amp. Or the Pro Media setups (desktop pc), had one of those years ago (the 2.1) and the amp failed 2 or 3 years in. Into the garbage can she went.


SVS builds excellent subs, powerful, either ported or sealed cabinet, you choose. Their customer service is superb. They also offer 45 day return and they even cover return shipping charges. I purchased a sb-2000 first, sent it back and re-purchased a sb-3000. I was refunded 100% on the sb-2000 and they covered the return freight charge too. Never balked one step. Live on line chat during business hours too. On the svs main page, they also have an outlet store link too, where you can save 8 -15% on a product. Same warranty. SVS employs DSP on their sealed subs and they are solid to 20 hz or lower. My sb-3000 has a phone ap to access all the settings too. The vented cab products have the ap too but I'm a sealed sub guy myself.


I own a pair of Klipsch Cornwall 3 SE purchased new and am very pleased with them, but when it comes to subs there are much better choices out there imo. Klipsch could do better on their sub amps and warranty. 


Klipsch sub warranty info: https://www.klipsch.com/warranty-subwoofers


Your choice.



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The dsp is a must this time around. I have 3 r112sw and one SVS pc2000. The SVS really ain't that impressive i think. And the Klipsch look really nice. Also the formfactor. I was thinking about SB2000 pro. But i have a hard time deciding.

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