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I asked a series of questions and these are the answers:

1.I am sorry for this but we believe that the solid state

rectificaton for this circuit is the most appropriate because we can

used verylarge capacitors and the power supply to behave like a

constant voltage, i respect the opinion of your friend but we can

analyse these phenomana in the Hi-End Exbithion in detail.

Well so much for that. I'll just take the thing as it is and play later.

2.We can talk about the athina but after and after many installation

that we used the athina the output was very satisfied.

He is refering to the line filter/isolator. I am going to get one.

3.The solid state Phono is avaliable, the tube phono willl be

avaliable about at the end of the December. Both of them are Mouving

Magnet.We can suggest of course if you like some catriges.

This is a disappointment. Means I still have to hunt down a phono stage if I want to go MC.

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That is what I asked for. He replied, as you can see, that his phono stage is designed for MM only. He also added that he can build something for me so I will wait till the high end show later this month in Athens to see him face to face and discuss the options.

Worst case scenario I will have to look at existing manufacturers - I hear good things about Creek phono stages - may give one of those a whirl.

Seems the combo of tubes and MC is tricky in the stage itself.

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And the options you would recommend me looking at are.....???

Come on Kelly - I need all the help I can get here. Tony has suggested a stage that costs $2000!!! Its handbuilt in Germany. He says it is the best he has ever heard but its kinda out of the price range I was thinking of.

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