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HDTV's and Progressive scan DVD


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I have the Sony 36XBR800(HDTV ready) and i am going to buy a progressive scan DVD player; my question--do i need to buy a HDTV decoder to use the progessive scan on the dvd player?

Furthermore,I can't make up my damn mind on these 3 dvd players: Denon 2800 MKII (NOT THE OLDER ONE), Denon 1600 or the Panasonic R-91.

thx a mill!!

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All you need to use the progressive scan DVD player is component video input on your TV (Along with component video cables). I bought component video monster cables. Also, use the 5.1 channel output from the DVD player to take full advantage DVD-Audio. You will also need to use the optical output on the DVD player for proper Digital sound decoding from your receiver.

I have a panasonic progressive scan DVD player (with DVD audio also) and it works great.

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Kool, thx.

One more thing, people with the Denon 3802 reciever, how can you play a DVD with DTS? Everytime i select the DTS button i get no sound!! I made sure the DTS track is on and my dvd player has DTS decoder. Should i change someting on the reciver it self? Like speaker size, A/B channels, crossover, etc etc. What settings do you guys use? please help me on this one!


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boa is right, I had that problem too. Go to setup or whatever you dvd player has and switch it so it can play DTS, or you won't get any sound. Also make sure your receiver is set to DTS or Auto. I personally use Auto because it will automatically detect what signal is comming in and you don't have to mess with it. I forgot to look too, are you using a digital out on your DVD player, it won't play DTS w/o a digital out hooked up.

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