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Value La Scala Industrial 2 piece Metal Trim?


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Hi guys..just signed up...total newbie to the forum. May not be posting this in right place?


Newbie to forum...but i do own a set of Cornwall 1 with Fastlane wood horn upgrade to mid, and rebuilt crossovers - plus a set of SpeakerLab K-Horn clones with rebuilt xovers.  Have had Cwall 3 in the past.


Im in Alberta,. Canada...and have a chance to trade some gear for a set of La Scala that I believe to be what I know as "industrial" models...havent seen them yet, no photos.


These apparently are 2 piece, but not sure if top piece is a rectangular box or wedge shape?


Dont know what finish, but definately have metal edging.


I am assuming has all original drivers, but will need to verify.


Present owner has modded the bottom of base cabinet to open into an additional box for more bass, but says he has the original wooden base pieces to return to stock.


Am trying to get a grip on what value?  Up here a set of home model La Scala seem to be going for $1500 - 2500 depends on how old and what finish.  I missed a nice set for $1200 that had ALK crossovers and I think Bob Crites tweeter upgrade.  Poor weenie Canadian dollars...so take off 1/3 for US perspective.


I know very little about the Industrial line, like is that even what people call them?  


Good info would be helpful and interesting.


I understand the woofer is a different model (K43?)-  with higher power handling, but perhaps with not quite as good a hi fi sound as the home models?


It would help me to know what they are worth.  And how easy would be to sell? 


I get the feeling that home models would be easier to sell and worth more?


I keep talking sell...as not sure have a space to use them...maybe,  maybe not. Have same issue with my SpeakerLab K-Horns...not using them as no space right now.  So resale is something i need to know.


My limited understanding is that....the 2 piece are worth more than a 1 piece (and easier to move), and the wedge top is worth more than the rectangular top, and the metal trim is worth more than no metal, and that there is some model with a fiberglass or pebble type finish (not regular paint) which is worth the most (when combined with metal edges?) Help please!!








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