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Subwoofer for RP 600Ms?


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I'm contemplating getting the R-100SW to go with my RP 600Ms.

Do any of you more seasoned Klipsch owners have informed opinions about how this addition will affect the overall sound?

Will the RP 600Ms sound essentially the same but with more bottom end (obviously) or will the crossover in the subwoofer affect the entire sound signature?


Thanks in advance for your advice.



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If your RP600Ms take to a subwoofer the way my RB-75s took to an RSW-10d sub, then you have yourself a winning combination.  With that said, not sure if the R-100SW is even on the same playing field as the RSW-10d.  Maybe look into an SVS SB1000.  They have a 45 day risk free trial if it does not work out well.




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