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KLF-20 woofer replacement options


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Hello all,


Has anyone tried to use the RF-7 II/III woofers($145  Part#1064791)in their KLF-20's? 


If so, results/thoughts?



Also, has anyone tried the Ciare HW 250 ($100) Perhaps with sealing up the ports?


or the Ciare HW 251N? ($130)



Just curious as I may be looking to upgrade the drivers in the future. 


p.s. I know some of you will flip out and say you have to have the exact thiele/small parameters, but please resist the urge to vomit all over this post.  Thanks.image.thumb.png.60c664bce35b2af99e58986dd69ca007.png


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1 hour ago, wuzzzer said:

I know a lot of people have gone with the Ciare woofers for the KLF-30.

I saw that, but Ciare doesn't seem to have the 10" version of the HW321 everyone is talking about.  The 2 models I listed above are the closest thing.

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