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Rockwool for RSW-15 Subwoofer


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buddyjenkins: Welcome to the forum!


I too, had to have my RSW-15's power amp repaired after about 14 years of service. It turned out to be that the 15" driver's voice coil had developed some shorts in it. It caused the capacitors on the amp's power supply section to explode, along with a power transistor or two. I purchased a NOS 15" driver from the Klipsch parts department and had a local technician repair the amp. I used to run the sub on standby all of the time. But since the repair, I have opted to turn the sub on and off each time it is used in hopes of gaining some longevity.


When I reassembled the sub, I left the original fiberglass insulation inside. I am very familiar with the mineral wool-type insulation of which you speak as it is similar to the Rockwool. I am currently using mineral wool to isolate my son's new dedicated home theater we are nearly done building. The mineral wool is amazing at helping to block sound between walls. It is very dense. It never occurred to me to use it inside my sub or any other speaker enclosure. My question for you is, if you go through with using the Rockwool in your sub, what differences are you expecting to be able to notice? -Glenn

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