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  1. I bought this sub used and I thought it odd that the foam only covered the bottom and one side. I have seen some speaker repairs where they put in rockwool in place of the foam. I have seen some upgrades to Klipsch speakers that made them sound better and was looking to see if anyone had tried the rockwool or maybe something different in place of the foam.
  2. I have having my amp repaired in my RSW-15 Sub and noticed the foam on the inside only covered one side and the bottom. I was look at upgrading to Rockwool on all sides while I had the sub apart. Has anyone tried this? I was concerned that it might take up too much of the volume in the cabinet and negatively affect the sound more than the benefit of additional insulation from the box.
  3. I am having my amp rebuilt in my RSW-15 Subwoofer and was looking at replacing the foam sound insulation with Rockwool. Has anyone tried this and what where your results?
  4. I have used the NAD 316BEE V2 with a pair of RP 600M speakers and it was a very good pairing. I had the original NAD 3020 back in the early 1980's with a pair of Cerwin Vegas and was very happy with it. I am using an NAD M10 with my La Scala II speakers. I have always found NAD to provide great detail but not the warmth you get from tubes.
  5. I keep hearing rumors about a new sub, but haven't seen anything about details or release dates. Has anyone hear about this sub?
  6. I have the old RF7 speakers and they are 10+ years old. I was using a Harmon Kardon AVR 630 (also 10+ years old) but it did not have the HDMI inputs for TV and other components. I have been using a Yamaha as a stop gap until I can find a suitable replacement. I am interested in hearing what you pick for a receiver.
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