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SACD Question


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Today I picked up a sony SACD 555-ES and connected it. I had to unplug my DVD-Audio connections to use the 6 channel input.

My Yamaha only has 1 6-channel input.

I picked up several SACDs today and there do not seem to be discrete audio channels. The rear surrounds just seem to be replicating the reverberation. I thought SACD would have one instrument playing out of one speaker, another instrument out of another speaker, vocals out of another speaker, etc.

Did I mess up the connections or am I missing something?


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rob, stuff like that is determined in how the engineers mix the material. sacd & dvd-audio are formats for high resolution sound.

though i guess some may have mixes or remixes done specifically for the format such as sacd.

though they could do it just the same for any multi-channel format like f.e. dts w/ the eagles' HFO dvd where "seven bridges road" has each of the singers in a dif channel.

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Rob, it really depends on the SACD CD you purchase. Only the multi-channel ones will give sound from all speakers and is also dependent on how the music was mixed. I have more SACDs that are 2 channel than I have mult-channel. What I notice most about my SACD player is the clarity of sound which I believe is the most compelling reason to own a SACD player. Also check your settings on the player. The Sony's have adjustments that have to be made within the player to effect balance and surround modes. Some also have bass management. Enjoy!1.gif

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