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Mirage 5si speakers - any interest in Southern Calif??

Jon B

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I have a buddy that wants to do some bartering for a pair of Mirage 5si speakers in great condition.  I will need to trade some gear that is worth no less than $700 to me to get them, so that is what I will consider their value to be.


Local pickup only and I would also be happy to trade them for an amplifier and something else. I am looking for a Adcom 555 or a multi-channel amp to pair up with my Parasound AV preamp. But I am wide open to suggestions and offers that may go in other directions...... What do you have, let's make a deal? Speakers I have, but I could sure some quality components.


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good luck with the sale.  couple suggestions for you though, would help to post pics &/or specs of these speakers so others know what they are.  these are a bipolar design & most here aren't too familiar with them or dont like them... & most probably have never heard a bipolar speaker.  i own quite a few bipolar speakers & love their sound for music & especially home theater. when set up right they can do some good things no direct radiator speaker can do.  


also before you make the trade with $700 of your own gear you should look up current prices for these speakers,  there is a pair listed on ebay for $450 & ive seen them sell for $400-500 frequently.  just trying to help you & your listing on these.  probably get better response if you list them on ebay or other audio forums & internet for sale web sites.  

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Thanks for the great info! I am not going to move forward on these speakers.


Too many projects in progress to mess with them since this sounds like an uphill sale. I am currently reconditioning a pair of KP-320's, selling or parting out a KP-450 lower cabinet, and reconditioning two sets of 80's Cerwin Vega speakers. 


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