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Trouble with RS-3's


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I'm hearing much more static through my RS-3's that I think I should be hearing, even at very moderate volumes. The static is only noticeable when there is sound coming through the speakers. In other words, if there is an audio signal, but the signal contains no volume, turning up the volume will not produce much static. But when there is volume in the signal, turning up the volume produces a great deal more static than I feel I should be hearing. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Both speakers are behaving the same way, but I doubt that they're operating properly.

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Connect those RS-3's to your front channels instead of the surround channels as a test. You can do this by swapping hookup at the amp end.

Do they still make the static you are describing? If so, it's either your amp (in all channels), the source (try stereo rather than surround to eliminate the surround processing as a potential source of the static) or defective speakers. To have both speakers to be doing this is quite unlikely unless you've damaged them by clipping the amp - still it is possible.

The ultimate test is to connect the RS-3's to another system completely. One which you know to be working properly. Still get the static? Then it is either the speakers or you are hearing something which sounds like static to you but is not. Have a friend listen along with you to be sure.

Contact your dealer for any service assistance.

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