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Seeking advice on height speakers and/or wall mounting R-51Ms.


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My system is a Denon AVR 2600 7.2. I have Heresy 2s all the way around but I'm seeking advice on height speakers (I have two sets of excellent smaller speakers I'd like to use rather than buy a third!) For height speakers, I'm currently using a pair of Mirage OMD5 omnipolar speakers which don't sound bad but the timber isn't quite right. I also have a set of Klipsch R-51M bookshelf which are a much better match but aren't made for wall mounting. Is it possible to wall mount R-51Ms? Thank You!

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@hobbyinn  Thanks so much for the heads up about the rear port - my other speakers aren't rear ported so it hadn't occurred to me and I almost did the opposite. I have a set of wall mounts which is really a little multiple position shelf you put the speaker on but I didn't want to use them because the speakers weren't close enough to the wall. Considering your tip about the ports, I guess I should rethink and remeasure. Thanks again.


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