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Sold Vintage Eico St-40 tube amp 7591


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 This is a really nice sounding 7591 amp, it looks to be all original. Tubes are a mixed bag of vintage, some rca, Eico, Ge etc.. I took this in trade recently and just want to move it along as I have a handful of vintage tube amps. The previous owner has had it for a few years, he is some what of a electronics tinkerer, so he knew to bring it up on a variac before use. I’m no technician but I don’t see any signs of cap leakage or anything that looks burnt etc… would need the typical loudness mod done, but works and sounds great without this engaged. Hooked up to Heresys and nothing seems off or scratchy and no hum or buzz, which surprised me. I don’t want to ship at this point, but if you have serious interest message me and we can discuss it…she’s heavy! Located in Chattanooga Tn. I can email a short video of it playing if interested. 




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