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Power Sound Audio V36 IPAl for sale


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Almost brand new V36 IPAL from power sound audio. Purchased last year and has been used weekly. In perfect working condition and I’m more than willing to show you demos of its capabilities before final sale. You will need an appliance dolly to move.   




Residing in Port Orchard, Washington State. 







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Those are indeed KPT-396s and they sound absolutely amazing. Voices are incredible. They are designed out of the box to run with a subwoofer however, but with some EQ you can get tons of bass out of them. 


And I wanted to take a look at the drivers to show proof this sub is using the legendary IPALs. 

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Just now, Simon830 said:

Hmmmm that's what I have been thinking. Have you heard the KPT-904s to verify this theory though?


And the KPT-942 has the biggest horns of them all, but is probably a bit too tall and the disconnect between the bass bins and the horn will be more noticeable. 

Yes I have. I have several pair of them (that I sold).   Unless it had the 402 horn (which I have also heard), the 4722n is the clear winner for me 

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