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Are there any authorized dealers on the internet?


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Yes. Dealers are allowed to use the internet just as they would use TV, radio or print advertising.

Dealers are not allowed to sell outside their normal geographic territory.

Ubid is Klipsch's outlet for discontinued goods and is fully authorized for those items. They offer no service other than to replace items which arrive in damaged condition due to shipping problems.

Beware dealers who offer unrealistic price and are too far for you to visit in person to handle any problems. There are dealers selling product without serial numbers.

We are working to ensure what you buy is grade A product with warranty, but there are more of 'them' than 'us'.

If a deal is too good to be true, beware.

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BobG, got a question for you that has been on

my mind for some time.You said "We are working to ensure what you buy is grade A product".My question to you is this: Does Klipsch actually allow anything less than

"grade A" products to leave their facility?

In other words are there blems,seconds,

imperfects,scratchNdent,Bstock or otherwise sold by Klipsch or is any product,other than perfect,destroyed? Thanks, Keith

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