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Front Speaker Choices for my Great Room / Theater


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I got it all installed, and currently, not sorted on my Front Channels.  
I'm wired for (and can't run more wires) 7.2.

When I installed it, I have set up the Marantz PreAmp (driving a relabeled Lexicon, JBL AVA7 channel Power Amp) 5.2.2 my center channels are designated height speakers.


My "height speakers" in the center channel position, are RPC 180 LCR's
My "Rear Surround" are RPW 180's

I am undecided on my Front LCR's.  I am running some 16 year old JBL Synthesis speakers I had...  and they aren't as nice as my two Forte II's...  but I had the LCR of them, so put them in.  They are no where near as efficient, and so, I'm pretty sure I'm "committed" to Klipsch front channels.


I'd pretty happily do the Forte's for my front channels, but can't find a single center.

Also with all the new stuff, feeling like maybe I'm shortchanging the system with the 40 year old Forte II's???


I'd value thoughts, experience and input in making my front channel decision.  

There's part of me that would love to put them IN WALL, to clear up the floor space in that room, but don't want to make a compromise to do that.  It's a big room, not a theater, or listening room, but a GREAT ROOM with a theater in it.  25' x 40' open to the kitchen behind... so it's a bright room, with imperfect audio characteristics...  But we do enjoy good music in there, as well as the theater experience.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.



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