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    West Coast, USA
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    Great Room:
    Marantz Pre/Pro, JBL AVA7 (Lexicon) Power Amp, 5.2.2 Forte II's LR, (looking for a center I like, like another Forte II) Pro 180 RPC LCR's for height speakers and Pro 180 RPW for Rear Surrounds in the ceiling, (wanted to separate the horn from the cone driver, so used RPW's in the Ceiling). Two JBL subs, doing the trick...

    Blue Sound Node for HD Streaming, Apple TV for movies, and a Sony Blue Ray, which collects dust.

    Master Bedroom:
    Blue Sound Power Node, RCA's Pre Out into Yamaha M80 Power Amp driving 2.1 Klipsch Pro 180 RPC LCR, and a JBL HTPS 400 Sub. Trying to get the most out of the in Ceiling Speakers.

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  1. I had the Yamaha Pro/Pro, and i can’t fault the performance, although, I did go through a couple of them inside the last 10 years… It’s discontinued, or unavailable right now, so I opted to try the Marantz 7706. Basically, in my research, for the most for the least, it topped the reviews, and did provide, in reality, a slick and easy set up, good support on how to do a customer set up. 5.2.2…. I’m pleased, it’s controls are simple, it’s a hidden installation depending on the WiFi more then front panel access. It has not disappointed. I am using a 7 channel Lexicon Power Amp (RCA’s, not XLR’s). Powering several front channel set ups, and it’s been really a treat on the Forte’s for front channels and some JBL’s Synthesis LCR’s as well. All in all, I’m pleased with the choice. The simplicity of set up, compatibility with the source materials generated from streaming, my NAS, and other on site sources…. Very handy. The biggest decision driver for me was sound quality and ease of use. My Yamaha Pre/Pro sound quality never a question, ease of use…left a lot to be desired. The Marantz, I’m pleased to say, sound quality, second to nothing I’ve heard, but ease of use, top notch. My wife can turn it on and drive it with the Apple TV remote…. And that was not hard to set up. It doesn’t address the XLR conversation above, I’m running RCA’s, because that’s what my venerable and beloved Lexicon is equipped with. Hope the new user input helps. Good luck.
  2. I have a pair of good Forte II's black oak. Sequential pair. Love them, but need to come up with a LCR set up. Would replace with 3 shiny new Forte's, I like them so much. Let me know if interested, we'd have to ship, but can do a solid job of packaging them up. They are in good shape, but the pedestal's are not so pretty. I'd take them off before I ship, just to save the space in the box, and they're not worth keeping on. T
  3. I got it all installed, and currently, not sorted on my Front Channels. I'm wired for (and can't run more wires) 7.2. When I installed it, I have set up the Marantz PreAmp (driving a relabeled Lexicon, JBL AVA7 channel Power Amp) 5.2.2 my center channels are designated height speakers. My "height speakers" in the center channel position, are RPC 180 LCR's My "Rear Surround" are RPW 180's I am undecided on my Front LCR's. I am running some 16 year old JBL Synthesis speakers I had... and they aren't as nice as my two Forte II's... but I had the LCR of them, so put them in. They are no where near as efficient, and so, I'm pretty sure I'm "committed" to Klipsch front channels. I'd pretty happily do the Forte's for my front channels, but can't find a single center. Also with all the new stuff, feeling like maybe I'm shortchanging the system with the 40 year old Forte II's??? I'd value thoughts, experience and input in making my front channel decision. There's part of me that would love to put them IN WALL, to clear up the floor space in that room, but don't want to make a compromise to do that. It's a big room, not a theater, or listening room, but a GREAT ROOM with a theater in it. 25' x 40' open to the kitchen behind... so it's a bright room, with imperfect audio characteristics... But we do enjoy good music in there, as well as the theater experience. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience. T
  4. I'd be interested in the Forte's. I have Forte 2's and need a center channel. I too question selling all Gil's gear. He clearly loves this stuff, and having SOME of it to enjoy, even in retirement or assisted living would likely still mean a lot to him. Maybe some of the projects he won't be able to get to, but I know my elderly parents greatly value the stuff around them that they've enjoyed all their lives. Not to give anyone "fatherly advice" but, maybe leave him a super nice set up he can enjoy of his stuff. Or ask him to be sure. My prayers with Gil in his recovery. If the Forte's need a home, put me on the list. Tony
  5. I'd been posting in the Garage Sale looking for a single Forte II-- Found a single Forte--seller kind enough to warn me the mid's have a different tone then the Forte II's... Questions-- 1. Anyone have experience running the Forte II for Front Channels? What are you using for a Center? Howz It? 2. Considering upgrading... front runner's would be of course, 3 Forte IV's... that's a considerable amount of jingle for me, I'd have to hear them next to some other things, to fall in love sufficiently... 3. RS 7 III's? 4. RP 8000's? Other suggestions? Of course I love the Forte II's, but if I can't find a cost effective center channel that has the same voice--I'll be driven to sell them and replace--need a good listen--and of course, this communities experience. With Gratitude, T
  6. I just received Pro 180 RPC LCR's--I'll be using for ATMOS in my Middle Surround Position, originally intended for a 7.2 system, I'm going to run it 5.2.2. I'll be using the Pro 180 RPC's in my rear surround position. I have another room, where I'm using the Pro 180 RPC LCR's for my fronts--the angled configuration is awesome for this application. I can measure them if you'd like. Excited to sound test these, next to my classic Forte II's...
  7. Hadn’t wanted to sell them, but, yeah, if I can’t find a center channel, I may be better off selling them and doing a new set that all match. $1000/pair? I can sent pictures.
  8. I have a pair I love, use them all the time, but need a third for a center channel...or sell these and buy new Klipsch... I’m in Western Oregon.
  9. The Lost Coast of Southern Oregon (Brookings)... so I'd expect to do some driving, or pay some shipping... My Chorus II's are 274392119 & 120 Black. I'm looking to include them in my new Theater, as Front Left and Rights, and have been told on good authority that another Forte II would make the perfect center channel. I hate to split up a pair, but if there was someone with one man down so to speak, I'd feel really good about giving the partner a chance to go on in a trio and fill the measure of it's creation!
  10. Anyone wanna split a pair with me? Or someone has maybe one good one, one damaged? I'd hate to buy a beautiful consecutive numbered pair and only use 1. Thanks for the input.
  11. Looking These... I'm on the other coast. Is shipping an option?
  12. What a beautiful thing to collect, Authentic Legacy Klipsch'! And how generous your offer is! God Bless you, whoever ends up benefiting from your generosity.
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