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  1. The Lost Coast of Southern Oregon (Brookings)... so I'd expect to do some driving, or pay some shipping... My Chorus II's are 274392119 & 120 Black. I'm looking to include them in my new Theater, as Front Left and Rights, and have been told on good authority that another Forte II would make the perfect center channel. I hate to split up a pair, but if there was someone with one man down so to speak, I'd feel really good about giving the partner a chance to go on in a trio and fill the measure of it's creation!
  2. Anyone wanna split a pair with me? Or someone has maybe one good one, one damaged? I'd hate to buy a beautiful consecutive numbered pair and only use 1. Thanks for the input.
  3. Looking These... I'm on the other coast. Is shipping an option?
  4. What a beautiful thing to collect, Authentic Legacy Klipsch'! And how generous your offer is! God Bless you, whoever ends up benefiting from your generosity.
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