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Good morning everyone just thought I'd share my excitement in purchasing a set of Klipsch RP600M which I plan to use them as my rear speakers, I'm currently a 7.2 surround sound through the pioneer vsx-933 at 80 watts to each channel 

I already have a set of of RP502S which produce amazing sound, my center channel is the klipsch R34C I'm hoping to upgrade to the RP504C in near future I also would like to purchase a set of RP8000F once I get the coin together, could anyone here recommend anything I might of missed I'm really new to this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I believe my reciver should handle it as I was told by the store clerk that klipsch are a sensitive speaker

P.S I've been looking at the SPL-102 for a latter as an upgrade to my Synergy Sub10 but that's further down the track 

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On 5/16/2022 at 5:25 PM, DaveC83 said:

Klipsch RP600M

Great; les us know what you think of them. For rear surrounds I have been trying to get a set of RB-75's (unobtainable) and now looking at an RB-81 ii - haha; seller NOT responding :( so may have to use RP-600M's :) 


Suggest you also look at the RC-7's for a center. No longer produced so only available "used."  But it was the best center Klipsch ever made (8" woofers and 1.75" horn drivers) whereas the RP504C only has 5.25" woofers (OK; 4 of them) and a 1" horn driver :) Just got a pair which I use for L/R AVR/TV.

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