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  1. I ended up picking up another PC2000 pro and moving my SPL 120 to my office. Living Room: TV:Sony 65 inch 4k 65X850F, Denon X6500 ,LR: Klipsch RP 8000Fs, 😄 Klipsch RP 450C, S: Polk Monitor 60 IIs, BS: Polk Monitor 50 IIs, H: 4 Polk RC80i, Subs: 2 SVS PC 2000 Pro
  2. Probably a little bit overkill but it will still sound great. I don't think you would run into a problem where the surrounds would be too loud for people sitting at the end or anything.
  3. 1. I just ran Audyssey and bumped the center level a bit from what it set. 2. My room isn't that big but it sounds good enough if I sit on the love seat versus the couch. Usually I always sit in the prime spot lol.
  4. joeh4384


    What speakers are you using now for your fronts?
  5. I would just start with 2 8000Fs for now and use the 504C for center. It will still sound awesome. I have 2 RP 8000s and a RP 450c and it sounds great. I take it you are planning on moving the screen to the right so you don't have a tower pretty much in the hallway? Are you moving the 600 Ms to surrounds?
  6. Are you using an acoustically transparent screen? I would only get the 504C if you are limited by a TV etc.
  7. Personally I would go with a bigger sub or 2 of them. SVS subs are better then Klipsch subs. I replaced my SPL120 with a PC2000 pro and it is a sizeable difference at low frequencies.
  8. Sterling Heights, Michigan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Like new Klipsch SPL 120 with SVS Isolator feet. Purchased new back in December 20. $425 OBO
  10. I would get some RP 500 or 400s. They should be ear level at 110-120 degrees behind and to the side of the main listening position. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I think you are fine with the Denon. I think you would blow your ear drums before you ran out of power for your speakers.
  12. Set the speakers to small and a crossover of 60hz for the 280Fs and 80hz for everything else. I would also bump the sub to like -2 with the gain at halfway. I ended up bumping the speaker levels too. Audyessy sets it for running at reference volume which i rarely do.
  13. I watched Mad Max Fury Road to test our my new ceiling atmos speakers.
  14. I would go SVS. You can always turn a sub down. Plus if you ever move, you will probably like having the beefier sub.
  15. I would go premier line in the front and move the R820Fs to surrounds. I have found that speaker matching isn't as important for surrounds and atmos speakers.
  16. I have found that YPAO and Audyessy love to set the sub super low. I always have to crank it from -10 to like -2. I keep my sub with the gain at 50%.
  17. I am using RP 450C and a pair of RP 8000s for my front stage and it sounds really nice. I am using a Denon X6500 to power my 7.1.4 system. I bought in refurbished on accessories4less.com.
  18. I finally got my ceiling speakers installed to make my living room 7.1.4. The next upgrade would probably be a beefier sub or two. Front: Klipcsh RP 8000F and RP 450 C Sub: SPL120 Surround: My old Yamaha AX200i's which used to be my fronts. Rear Surround: Polk Monitor 50 IIs which used to be my old surrounds. Ceiling: 4X Polk RC80is. Receiver: Refurbed Denon X6500 from Accessories 4 less.
  19. If you have a sub, I would set all the speakers to small.
  20. I never really knew about B&O until I saw their badge on my car speakers.
  21. The RP450C which has been on a EOL special for 399 would be a nice center upgrade that would be matched to your RP 250F's. Upgrading the RP 250F's would probably blow your budget.
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