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Time for a dab of glue.


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I'm not sure when, but somewhere around 2006 ?? I bought two pair of Custom 3 IEM's.  I use them in reasonably difficult circumstances so I knew I'd need a replacement.  Well, the first pair probably lasted 12 years or more before the wiring snapped (actually, I don't specifically recall what happened as they've been gone for while).  So I then pulled out my new, unopened second pair and didn't miss a beat.  They had an oily feel about them because they were so old, some deterioration of their outer portion had occured.  It went away as they got some use and handled.


At this time, I searched to buy another pair or two and seems they don't make them (never did like the kinky wire on them).  So I bought a couple pair of the "stick" type.....I forget their model number.  Still, the sticks are sitting in their pouches and I'm still using the second Custom 3 units.


Until yesterday.  I pulled one out of ear (which was also located under a pair of over-ear hearing protection muffs).  When I pulled it out, I immediately knew something was amiss.  Looked at unit and the ear piece was missing....implying the ear part was still in my ear.  Fortunately I was correct AND it was in the outer ear where I could easily grasp it.


I immediately presumed these just turned to junk... went about my business with the left unit in, then later on, to keep it from dangling inside my shirt, I put the right ear back in without the seal.  I left that in my pocket.  When done, got inside and looked at it and it appears the seal slips onto a stem and it appears that stem must glue in there as it slides into what I'll call a socket.


Hmmm....  so these might now be able to be fixed!


I don't much care for the stick units when I'm wearing my ear muffs as I always feel the muffs are pressing them into my head.  These stay out of the way much better.


None the less....  now I get to go see what glues I've got on hand to see if one seems appropriate for this.


I must say, I wear these most weekends while working about the house, on my tractor, backhoe, using chainsaw....anything.  Any time I'm going to have my ear muffs on, I'll grab these.  As much as I don't care for the kinky wire (which now has a BUNCH of frays where I've snipped the strands to relieve the pressure as the inner rubber part bulges out), they've really held up to my abuse.


and now to find a dab of glue.

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