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For Sale: Sophia Electric "Baby" Tube Amp (original Version - not the newer version) - $375


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For sale is my original version Sophia Electric "Baby" Amp. It is a 10 watt/channel, push-pull integrated amp with one input and volume control.

This is a compact, quiet, excellent-sounding amp. There is nothing "baby" about this amp other than the name. I used it with the Klipschorns and there was virtually no noise. It images incredibly well, is excellent with vocals and instruments and has good bass control.

The condition is between good and very good. I am not the original owner. One of the pictures shows a small scratch on the top of the face, but it is not bothersome and might rub out with steel wool or a compound- it just never bothered me and I never tried. The amp works perfectly and is clean and presents well.

The amp is original with no mods (to my knowledge). It will come with a stock power cord and stock tubes.

Many reviews online - again this is the original Baby, not the newer version.

$375 is the price.  I will ship it to the lower 48 for $30 via fed ex ground. If it is less than that, I will refund the difference. No original box, but It will be double boxed and packed well, No international shipping, please.  Paypal F & F is fine.


This is cross posted - there are several pictures on the usaudiomart web site on this link:




Local pickup in Houston (west side) is fine as well.




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