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Thrift Shop Cornwall-ISH Find! What do you think?


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On 9/28/2022 at 4:19 AM, Peter P. said:

Thanks for the clarification. But I only see two crossovers in the photos. Shouldn't there be a crossover for each driver?


No, it's one crossover per speaker, with rare exceptions.  However, a crossover can be 2-piece and still be a single crossover.  That may be what you have.  It's unusual, but at least, E-V is a very well-known brand, so it should be possible to get the info you need.  The crossover splits up the incoming signal into specific outputs for each driver, as bass to the woofer, treble to the tweeter, and so on.  The speaker wire attaches to the IN terminals of the crossover, which has two, three, or more, depending on how the speaker splits up its operating range (2-way, 3-way, etc.) OUTput terminals.  There's a terminal for the woofer, one for the tweeter, and so on.


As another member pointed out, this could be a very basic type of crossover, just limiting the frequencies going into each driver, unlike the more sophisticated Klipsch Balancing Networks, as they called their older crossovers.


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