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Sealing Cornwall I Back Panels ?


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9 hours ago, SonofJames said:


I'm playing jazz mostly at moderate volume and can feel air escaping from mine in the back when there are deeper notes. YMMV


Maybe yours were made to be ported and aperiodic, if so, sealing the back panel will ruin the design and the speakers won't sound as intended.

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I would think about adding a layer of plywood on inside of panel 1/2 smaller so uses same sealing area. I did this to my pair of Heresy's and panel is definitely stiffer than before. But it is a sealed speaker so probably more needed. But im sure Cornwalls rear panel flexes even with a port on it. Thats a pretty large panel without any kind of support. 

Or you could add X bracing to back panel to stiffen it. You could also make an extra one for experimenting with that way you could A-B them without ruining the original one. 

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