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Unable to Perform Play-Fi Update on The Three


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I am unable to update the Play-Fi software on my Klipsch The Three device, despite multiple attempts. I can't use Play-Fi via the Klipsch Stream App or DTS Play-Fi app because the apps state the device requires an update. The device is connected to the wireless network and the wireless status LED is solid green. The network router is Play-Fi compatible as I have three other Play-Fi devices which update successfully. I have tried the following steps to update the device:
  • Factory reset of device (per Klipsch's instructions)
  • WiFi module reset/network reconnect (hold WiFi SETUP button for 10 seconds)
    • Device successfully connects to home WiFi network and is visible in Play-Fi app
  • Play-Fi update via WiFi - attempted with two different devices (iPhone and iPad) but fails after over 10 attempts
  • Manual update via USB


Any thoughts on what else I can do to update the device? Because of this limitation I am unable to use Play-Fi on the device even though it has a confirmed wireless network connection (listed as connected on the wireless router and wifi status led solid green).


Thanks for the help!

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I am having the same issue. My unit was in storage for a year and it needed an update via the Klipsch and/or PlayFi app that repeatedly failed. I was finally able to connect the speaker to my WiFi, but cannot open or use the apps after that point because they will force an update attempt and reset the network settings. The WiFi connectivity works okay, but it spotty at best, right now, which is a bummer because the WiFi-HiFi streaming was a main reason I bought The Three.


It’s really disappointing that such an expensive and premium speaker has had such dismal product support. Software updates on this model have always been painful, and now we are effectively losing key product features. 

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I'll just mention that for USB firmware updates on The Three, it is pretty finicky about what USB drive you use (as are a lot of other devices for firmware updates). Based on my experience, you may be better off with an older USB 2.0 flash drive. Lately I've actually been using an old Lexar JumpDrive Trio (which is an old USB to SD/MMC card adapter) with a 256MB PNY SD card for various device updates.  I tried at least a couple of other flash drives on my The Three before I found a flash drive that would work. The same USB drive pickiness presumably also applies to a manual Play-Fi software update.


Klipsch has a really good video here showing how to do the manual update on The Three.


You will want to make sure the firmware on The Three is up to date before doing a Play-Fi software update.


Also, if updating the Play-Fi software over WiFi and you have issues, move your The Three as close as possible to your WiFi access point as possible.

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On the Klipsch Stream app, go to settings>Advanced Settings>MCU Notifications and UNCHECK it.

The app will never tell you again about any firmware updates (or any other) and you can use it no problems with playfi over your wifi.


Edit: Theres no need to complicate things by trying to unsuccesfully update the firmware, that gave me headaches for far too long. I tried many usb flash drives and different formats. Customer Support was inexistent.



•Factory reset your device (optional)

•Connect it to your WiFi.

•Change the setting I told you about in Klipsch Stream app. 

•Enjoy PlayFi.

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