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SOLD. Quicksilver Mid Mono amps


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Quicksilver’s Mid Mono amplifier is completely hand-wired and can use many different output tubes; the Mid Mono has a low loss output transformer, adjustable bias, and five-way gold-plated binding posts. Setting the bias is very simple: two screwdriver controls and pin jacks for any multimeter that reads millivolts. Power is 40 watts at 50% triode operation with the standard EL34s or KT88s, 45 watts with KT120s and 50 watts with KT150s.

They are in excellent condition. I bought them on the Forum a few years ago.

I’ve been asked about the original boxes. I found them and they are in excellent condition. The amps would be shipped double boxed.

Price $1,200. They are in Rochester, New York. 03F53F88-5EB6-4C7B-8991-95433602FAE0.thumb.jpeg.922c7550abdbd0d7276a7d59dad5ed5d.jpegThe price does not include shipping or fees if you use PayPal and is FIRM. Please don’t say that you will buy them if you don’t have the money. Thank you.

Retail Price $1995/pair. $2,295 chrome


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