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Klipsch Heresy II set Serial # information


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I have a set of Klipsch Heresy II set Serial 8652530 Speakers. Type H#-WO. Inspected by J. Methime (Hard to read) and Tested by Judy Clayton. I bought these new years ago. Probably about 35 years or more ago. The front grill covers are getting a little tattered. Any information would be helpful. Might like to replace the grill covers if they are available.


Tony Mikulastik


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1986 klipsch Heresy II  Walnut oiled veneer 

-klipsch drivers - LF  K-24 Woofer  /K-53 Midrange,  K-701 horn / HF K-76 Tweeter 

-Crossover Heresy II  Terminal round cup .

-Grilles Duracrest fabric or cane  with klipsch copper PWK black Debossed Imprint badges 

-risers could be Heresy slant or regular 

-Klipsch fabric is Made by Wendell fabrics -https://www.wendellfabrics.com/

-klipsch fabric is also sold by Duracrest Fabrics - +1 847-350-0030   send them your old grilles , they can install  new fabric for you .

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Thanks 001 for the reply regarding my speakers. Thanks for the links and phone numbers. The speaker grills are not bad, but I am a little disappointed they don't look like new after only 37 years of use. Maybe it was the kids and dogs over the mere almost 4 decades. These speakers are on their third tuner/amp. Klipsch speakers are a great product.

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