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Heresy II Round Terminal cup Buzz


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Have a pair of Heresy II with the round terminal cup.  They buzz at 186.8hz between 5 and 10 watts.  I removed the cups and no buzz.  I checked that no crossover components were against the cups.  Is there any way to stop the buzzing?  Is this why they went to the rectangular terminal cups?


Can I still buy the rectangular terminal cup and crossover board and if so what part numbers should I order.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Farrer, welcoms to the forums. Is this happening with both HII  cabinets?


I would gently wiggle the parts on the crossover to see where they might be vibrating. You could then use a small dabs of silicone caulk to hold them in place and put them back in. Make sure the scrws hold them tightly in place, too. (Do not use silicone on the cups). If you want to make sure they are sealed, get some thin foam gasket material.



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Marvel, thanks for taking the time to reply.  Both cabinets vibrate the terminal cups when a 186 hz tone is played. Some songs hit this frequency.   I have tightened them by hand and was surprised they didn't strip.

if I press on the cups I can stop the vibrating.  When they vibrate it is very noticeable (loud).  I took the cups out and 

played some music and no buzz.  So then I'm thinking bass port.  Back to the buzzing, I was thinking to JBweld a metal

strap on the inside of the cup.  I'm surprised that others aren't having the same problem. I searched with Google and found

nothing related.


Thanks again 


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