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Rp-8000f weird “tick” sound when powering up receiver


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So I have a weird issue. My AVR starts up in 2 parts. First powering on and than another relay releases the sound output. Till yesterday, no sound came through my speakers during this last step. But now, from one speakers, the tweeter produces a very low volume, but notice-able tick sound. A bit like when you’re touching shock wire for cattle. It’s too low to record it. First I thought it was due to faulty amplifier channel. But when I connect it to another channel where the speaker doesn’t produce this tick, it does the same.


so, I have a spare tweeter which I used to see if that’s the issue. Same result. Now I’m lost. Could it be the cross over? Is there a way to test? Could it be something else?  What could I try to rule things out? Speaker is in bi-amp. Connected to a marantz sr6015. 

oh, apart from this, speaker seems to be working fine. Rears, center en 1 main speaker don’t have this issue. 

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