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Two Conductor AC Mains Supply Lines


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For many years I've seen a two conductor set-up on power poles in northern California. The poles have a PG&E label. I know they're not DC. I am wondering why a single phase supply is being provided anywhere now. The label says "high voltage" but there is no indication of what that might be. Any ideas?

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The power line feeding my house is a single hot leg (12K volts or so) and a ground/neutral so a 2 wire system. That single hot leg is transformed into 2 120V hot legs sometimes called split phase that powers my house. These two phases are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. Is that what you're seeing?



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It might be. I asked the property manager and he didn't know. I'm not sure if there is a transformer on-site. I don't recall seeing a transformer vault or a transformer on a pad.  when next there I will see if I can find where the incoming line terminates on the property. This is a fairly rural area and about two miles from the nearest highway. 


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