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Heathkit AA-151 Redesign SOLD


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The Heathkit AA-151 has a cool aesthetic but it was the worst EL84 amp I have ever heard. It was blasphemous. This amp created a ton of gain and then used it up all through the amp very inefficiently. It was also noisy. The tone controls were horrid. The phase switch caused issues as well. What a way to abuse top-notch tubes and transformers.


We removed an entire stage. We cut loose all tone controls and removed phase switch. The input wiring is now Mogami shielded wire. The power cord is a medical grade three-prong. The phono stage was replaced with a generic RCA phono stage. Caps used are a mix of orange drops, solens, polystyrene, nichons and in power supply Hayseed caps. The tubes are top notch Mullard GZ34 and mullard EL84. It does not have as much gain but sounds much more like an EL84 ultralinear amp. It is quiet at idle. This was rebuilt to be a daily driver.


This was built for me to keep forever so I did not watch my spending but now I have an opportunity to buy something I've always wanted so I am liquidating gear. I will have a monster pair of monster mono amps for sale as soon as we get the final tweaks done. If you have ?'s message me. Thanks
































I don't want to ship, but if you're in central Arkansas, you can audition on Belles. I can also deliver to Hope at the SubFest in November.

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