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Webster Electric Monster Blocks 90wpc $850


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We thought of a few ways to make these even quieter so we are going to do further tweaks to these and then put them back up for sale.




These were completely gutted and rebuilt. My friend Chris Hornbeck guided me through this one as it drove me crazy.  Have been tweaking this over the last 4  months after the major rebuild.

Deviations from stock are we added adjustable bias, added bias test point/pots, improved potted choke, snubbers, zobels on outputs, high graded medical power cords, and removed 12AU7  gain stage but otherwise stuck to schematic.  Oh addded bottom plates and fet.
They are composed of the following tubes 2 x Chatam 5AR4, 2, x EH KT90, 2 X Sylvania 6SN7GTB, and 2 X GE 0D3. The caps are orange drop, solen, nichon, JJ and Hayseed. I dig the light show the 0D3 puts off. These amps are overkill galore for klipsch. I can throw in extra quad of EH6550 but I prefer KT90.

I have been listening to these carefully for the past two days on Belles with a Mark Levinson LNP2 preamp and a digital streaming source. They sound good but have way too much power I run gain at 1/4 on the amps. These just have too much power for Klipsch IMO. I'd love to run these on some modern electrostatics. I think they were better suited to some B&W's I also tested them on.


Anyway... Ain't shipping these but could take to subfest in Hope in November. They are available for demo in Downtown Little Rock, AR.





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Ok it was noisier than I could be happy with so we replaced the filament transformer with a potted filament transformer. We also added potted upgraded choke. Also rerouted some input wires. It is now much much better. Don't think it can get any quieter. This is abit over the top for what I need so it must go.


Forum price $850











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  • seti changed the title to Webster Electric Monster Blocks 90wpc $850

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