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no sound / power with R-120SW


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I think I allowed myself to get suckered into buying a used R-120SW subwoofer on Mercari at a price that was, in fact, too good to be true.


Before I take it to the recycling yard, I thought I'd ask this forum for its input.


With the R-120SW power cord plugged in and power set to on, and a single, grounded RCA subwoofer cable running from my Denon PMA-600NE to the speaker, I get no sound whatsoever - no hum, no rumble, etc.


I've seen at least one R-120SW reference to a power on LED but I can't find it on the back or front of the speaker.


I pulled out the amp assembly and checked the cables to the cone, no problem there.


I was unable to pry out the power plug and check to see whether it had a fuse as other subs apparently have, but I don't think it has one.


Is there anything else short of diagnosing problems on the PCB (which I'm too inexperienced to try) that I can do to troubleshoot?


Thanks in advance





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Right on billybob.


I spent some time searching through this forum, found a few posts of interest though no one with my problem, with the exception of a guy who did a very in depth test of all the circuitry on the amp of his subwoofer.  No one replied to his post. 


I'm stumped on whether the speaker is even powered on. As I said, there's no LED that I can see, and no noise at all emitted.


It's a shame that finding repair service is so difficult, though it may be better to just buy a new SW.  Would choose an 8" next time if there is a next time.  I thought the cabinet was a 12" cube, but it turns out the driver is 12" and the cabinet is way bigger than that (esp the depth).



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