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Volume on the SubWoofer R-115SW way up after a little turn

Erik E

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Hi there,


I used to connect my sub to the Bluesound Streamer with it's sub out . Actually I still do . However recently I bought a new DAC so I am bypassing the DAC in the Node and for quality reasons I am sending the Full Signal to the DAC and appearantly also the full signal to the SUB, but either there is something wrong with the gain or something else is going on . I know it is a powerfull sub since I have been using it for years, but now it is unusable as I can not control the Volume normally. Simply moving the Volume a tiny bit up makes it start booming alot. 


I have tried sub-cable from the Node to the LFE input and I tried Y - splitter 


Could it be the gain control as that is very touchy or what do u think?







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