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Best Sub under $1000 ??


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I know being a member of this board for a while now that alot of you are partial to Klipsch, and that's fine. Just thought that maybe you had some other suggestions besides the KSW-12 or KSW-15? My cousin wants to get a sub for his system and I thought I would throw out a few other suggestions besides Klipsch? Myself I couldn't wait for the bugs to be worked out of the LF-10 and LF-12 so I went with M&K 350THX. That sub however is out of his price range smile.gif

Thanks in advance...

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do u know klipsch does have a new (rsw) reference line of subs debuting in June?

but for immediate satisfaction & lower price needs, of course they're also velodyne, svs, paradigm, hsu, rel... just for the short list.


Klipsch KLF-30 (front), KLF-C7, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-18 sub woofer

Monsterbass 400 sub interconnect & Monster S-12 cable

Sony STR-DE935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D cd/dvd player

Sony Trinitron 27" stereo tv

Toshiba hi-fi stereo vcr

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

2nd room:

Klipsch RF-3 (front), RC-3, cheap little Technics (rear)

Kenwood KR-9600 AM/FM stereo receiver (vintage '75)

Teac PD-D1200 5-disk cd player

Sega Genesis game player

Sub: None yet

rock on!

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